Submission Guidelines

We welcome your creativity, but we cannot publish all images. We encourage the global community to come together regardless of race, religion, sex, or gender and peacefully show their defiance to acts of terrorism. Therefore, we will NOT publish the following types of images:

Religious iconography
Pornography or crass nudity
Anti-Semitic/Muslim/Arab sentiments, or images that support discrimination against any group.
Images that are branded with company logos or names, visible URL's or email addresses
Images of famous people sent in by anyone other than that person
Images containing overly aggressive swearing (ie, m*therf#ckers) or rude gestures.(Those that have already been posted will stay up, but no new images that fall under this definition will be posted.)
Images that imply revenge or attack on those responsible
Any image which we believe to be overtly aggressive and not in the spirit of our statement of fearlessness.

If the image does not contain any text we use our discretion to decide if the image expresses the sentiment of "we're not afraid" well enough.

If you have a question about your submission that isn't answered here or in the FAQ, you can send us an email by filling in this form.

On a more technical note:

Please send us your images as .jpg .gif or .png. Other formats (like .pdf, .doc and .ppt) will not be opened due to issues of computer security. You can decide how your name will appear with the image by using the following naming convention for your image:

- Use CamelCase (whats that? a few example)

- Firstname_Location.jpg (eg. John_London.jpg will appear as John London)

- Firstname_L.jpg, where L is the initial of your Lastname (eg. John_Doe.jpg as John Doe)

Copyright Notice

By submitting your content, you agree that it will be made available to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license. To find out more about this license, click on the "Some Rights Reserved" icon below. By submitting your image you also agree that has the right to use your image in press related content and commercially provided that a portion of proceeds is allocated to the Red Cross ( is not directly affiliated with the Red Cross, but simply chooses to donate to their charity).

You may only use the content at this site in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license Specifically, this means that you cannot use the content at this site for commercial purposes.

By submitting content to this site, you represent & warrant that you have the right to do so & to license it to We're Not Afraid & the public in accordance with the Posting Guidelines. makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all content posted to this site is lawful and consistent with our Posting guidelines. However, if you believe that any content posted at this site is not posted with the permission of rightsholder, please send us an email identifying of work & explaining the reasons you believe that it is not lawfully posted. reserves the right to remove any content from the site where reasonably believes that the content is not posted with the permission of the rightsholder.